Discover our journey through Brazil, and venture into the enchanting colors of the tropical forest. In this earthly paradise we were inspired by the palm trees and avocado plants, which narrate the harmony of nature through their intense shades of green.

The energy of the Brazilian flora explodes on our garments in cashmere and silk, with a soft and delicate touch.

Spring is here. Flowers start to blossom and produce nectar for the honeybees. Blazing sunsets emerge among mango fruits and hummingbirds. Life has resurfaced!

We throw handfuls of powdered color on our fabrics, recalling the joyful throw of confetti during Carnival.

Next stop: water. Rapids and waterfalls flow through the jungle, reflecting infinite tones of blue. We recreated the roots of mangroves intersecting in the rivers with hand painted brushstrokes on sweaters.

Each of our pieces is painted by hand, and it’s therefore unique in the world.

The journey ends with an explosion of color inspired by the vibrant hues of the anemone, know as “windflower” and considered a symbol of spring: curious, sensual, and charming.