This is Miriam Nori's conceptual and artistic philosophy.
To imagine, create, and love 'scupture-jewelry': different, instantaneous, tactile, imperfect.
But at the same time, able to expand over time, fluid and elegant
Contrasting gold with bronze
Pure luster with oxidation
Contrasting the perfect moment when the jewelry was created with the overtones of time,
an evolution of the concept of beauty itself.

A creative vision, craftsmanship, a bond with the land.
All this happens in Italy, more precisely in Umbria, historically and artistically one of the
most important regions of the world.
Miriam Nori's atelier 'breathes in' the avant-garde atmosphere of the Campus within which
it is located: an air rampant with energy which fosters new creative visions in the
elaboration of new collections of bronze jewelry
The workshop, where the jewelry is produced, is located in another area of the district of
Terni so that we cannot define Miriam Nori's art as “a rapid art at zero kilometers”.

Plastic arts, research and experimentation. Iron creates a complex kind of art,
where jewel meets sculpture, thus breaking free from their traditional destiny of
ornaments subject to trends and time.
Iron’s products are focused on a complex study of forms, carried out through
experimentation and the use of ever-changing materials.
Bronze, steel and brass surrender their rigidy and become malleable, taking on a
unique shape every time.
Sculptural jewels play with modernity, while echoing the roots of primitive matter
and conjuring up a poetic universe, where matter is made up of irregularities and
roughness, yet contains a certain softness, sharpness and simplicity.