"Le Chapeau" is a fortified craft company that produces hats of all kinds and accessories (stoles, scarves, handbags, beachwear and cocktail items).

He collaborates with prestigious signatures and very important Maisons.

He has always preferred the combination of "quality" and "idea": high quality materials and authentic artistic inspiration in every creation; A choice that has been a great success and appreciation for the general public, both in Italy and abroad. The products with this brand are characterized and appreciated especially for their complete manual production process, using the traditional wooden shapes that have made the history of the hat, the fabrication of the fabrics and, yet, the great variety Of styles and versions - from high fashion to pret-à-porter, from classical to extraterrestrial - enriched with particulars, motives designed to revise a theme and give it "that touch" that makes the difference and conquers.

And in the name of this philosophy, Patrizia Valmori, with her team, was able to keep the best of the "made in Italy" tradition of craftsmanship, without excluding the requirements of modernity and new trends, and without giving up expressing Their own "vision" or "interpretation" of the hat.

Indeed, all these elements are well combined and integrated into a game of shapes, colors, and fabrics; And the results highlight a constant search for beauty and harmonious coexistence.