IL 16

IL 16

In 2009, the young entrepreneur Roberta Iliprandi decides to put all her experience in the fashion world and her passion for accessories creating ILI6 handbags brand from couturier, whose name is a unification of the surname initials with the number 16 , the date of birth of the Milanese designer.

Having a long family tradition in the tanneries, Roberta Iliprandi’s proposes unique bags that stand out for their originality, high quality materials, practicality, and a glamorous style. Think about cosmopolitan women looking for trendy items but don’t like the ostentation of the brands, the bags all have, intentionally, the metal logo sewn inside.

Small jewellery, different from each other, handmade using exclusively the finest leather of deer, calf and kangaroo treated and tanned in such a way that each piece has a unique colour.

The study and research don't stop to the materials, the designer in fact, devotes a great deal of attention to detail with comfortable detachable straps, mini internal pochettes for keys or money, cover linings in various fabrics, from glitter to sequins through the most traditional velvets to the coloured hinges, charms fringes ... In short, the ILI6 style derives from the outstanding, extrovert and determined personality of the designer Roberta Iliprandi and is a product rigorously made in Italy.

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