Giovanna Guglielmi, is not only a designer but a true artisan of fabrics.
An "artist-sculptor" and her sculptures are dresses.

His knowledge is masterful, he shapes shapes and folds transforming the fabric into unique "works"
and the materials he uses: silk, taffeta, velvet, organza embellished with sequins, embroidery, rhinestones,
color games.

An all-Italian manufactory created in the smallest detail, always in the philosophy of "Fast
Fashion ", conceived by her, for a fashion, in complete harmony with the time we live in: fast,
changeable, intense and where nothing makes more sense of passion, as she herself underlines.

An irrepressible creativity able to capture the memento tendencies.

To amaze is the design fantasy, which transcends any fashion or historical trend to live in
a time that is the time of Giovanna Guglielmi, of her unbridled "joie de vivre" and ability to
create unique, original pieces.

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