The Milanese brand Baba Crifer was born in June 2007 under the sign of a stylized butterfly, symbol of freedom and femininity, The brand comes to life by a pun between the names of Alessandra and Barbara, the two creators. But it is not just a name, it is the call to a female character, with no origin, no land and no time which gives identity to the bags and which anyone can identify with. Sheets full of sketches and drawings give birth to very different bags, each one with its own personality, its own name and a story to tell. Bags are not just containers indeed, they conceal the portrait of every woman who wears them. So, since the beginning Baba Crifer creates its own recognizable style, very versatile and simple, modern but clear and appealing with a needful touch of calibrated extravagance. The Baba Crifer style counts in fact with few but original accessories which customize and characterize each bag. To embellish the inside parts of the bags besides pockets and mobile phone compartments there are no simple lining but precious fabrics, decorated to match or contrast with the outside. There is a particular care and attention to all the details so that each bag becomes something really special and functional at the same time, capable of stirring emotions and convey the passion that led to realize it. Our customers say: "you become fond of them”.
Baba Crifer is research:
Baba Crifer realizes bags always original and innovative thanks to the intense and constant search to create and give shape to ideas more and more present, with a particular attention to leathers and the more fashionable materials.

Baba Crifer is craftsmanship:
Baba Crifer bags are implemented with the valuable collaboration of workshops.

Baba Crifer is “Made in Italy”:
Our laboratories are exclusively based in Italy like all the companies we work with for the supply of materials.

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