a.b traces its roots to Barbara Garofalo grandmother named Angela Brunozzi (a.b), a fashion designer of precious and creative hats during the early years of the 1900s.
Barbara Garofalo attended the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome, where she studied for a degree in Fashion Design, growing up in her artistic, creative expression and technical knowledge.
After graduating, the first step in the fashion world was the great opportunity to collaborate with the Maison Sorelle Fontana, as Maurizio Galante assistant.
In 1992 she launched her first own collection and brand named Abiti.
Later in 1996 a.b brand was founded.


Barbara Garofalo really started with few pieces and after 10 years of business, a.b achieves every year a sustainable organic growth.
The talented designer focuses on a modern, casual and timeless style for a woman who wants express her own personality and wear clothes for a long time.
Her creative work looks at oversized shapes, sumptuous natural fabrics, taste for authenticity.
Basic shapes and volumes are transformed into overlapped and deconstructed pieces, easily adapted to different seasons and body shapes.
Barbara Garofalo has a “pure idea” about fabrics, working only with natural materials such us gauze, voile, linen, cotton for summer and washed wools, cashmere, heavy cotton, felt for winter.
a.b is located in Rome at Lanificio Luciani, an old woolen mill on the riverside of Aniene.
Here style, sales, accounting, operation departments work in synergy, sharing a vision of a strong brand identity, completely sartorial and Made in Italy.
Time is spent in research and development and the production is located in specialized atelier in Italy.
a.b embarked on a significant expansion across product categories, channels and geographies, growing internationally.
a.b today is in 25 countries and the world’s most prestigious cities.

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