The new FW2324 collection expresses AVANT TOI’s pure essence: art.

Each garment is one-of-a-kind, and hand painted like a true art piece which recounts its own story, a combination of authenticity and innovation.

This year, we started from British tradition and we destructured, colored and revived it with our unique techniques, renovating its appeal in a futuristic perspective.

The desire to wear luxurious and comfortable materials ignites an alternative message, overwhelming our certainties to give rise to something new, in pure AVANT TOI style.

Our original manual coloring techniques unleash a dimension which is classic and eccentric at the same time, reinventing history and its icons to generate new styles.
Classic coats in Prince of Wales fabric are covered with colorful splashes… We know where we come from, but we want to go where we do not know yet!
Garments with exclusive laminations which stand out as points of light, pullovers in camouflage camel wool, alpaca tartan coats, gauzed cashmere and much more. The new collection is completed with a series of unmissable AVANT TOI accessories, scarves, foulards, hats and gloves.

Each of our pieces is painted by hand, and it’s therefore unique in the world.