In the most memorable and compelling folk tales, fantastic creatures such as elves and nymphs inhabit the woods, symbolizing the allure and power of Nature. It is exactly from the enchanting tones and shapes of a magical nature that we found inspiration for our new fall winter 2023 AVANT TOI collection.

We infused luxurious cable sweaters with the soft embrace of moss and the hues of lichens, designed jackets and coats with mimetic colorations that disguise themselves into the vegetation, and bombers which recall the unmistakable hues of the forest.

SWinter is upon us, and our precious materials – among which cashmere, merinos, silk, alpaca, and velvet –are ideal to warm up and color your days with a unique touch.
Submerged in the shades of the forests, our garments unveil exclusive colorations which are strictly painted by hand: some resemble the powerful aurora borealis, others have flowery motifs which recall the pigmentation of camelias and orchids, or ribbed dresses which evoke the gills of psychedelic mushrooms….
Our sophisticated treatments showcase laminations of molten gold and bronze, combinations of different materials with a gauzed effect, and textures similar to the coats of jungle animals, such as the stripes of a tiger or the scales of a snake.

Each of our pieces is painted by hand, and it’s therefore unique in the world.